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One last time...

posted May 28, 2016, 1:49 AM by HSD Principal   [ updated May 28, 2016, 8:02 PM ]

Here we are at the final week!  Praise our faithful Lord who sustains and gives grace in abundance! Final reminders and FYIs for this last week…

- EXAMS: Please review the Exam Guidelines if you are giving or proctoring an exam. While the open campus policy is in place, students may not roam campus during an exam period. There are designated areas for them to stay if they are on campus but don’t have an exam. Kindly help enforce this even if you are not proctoring or giving an exam. A reminder: Staff attendance from Tuesday to Thursday is expected even if you are not giving or proctoring an exam.

- GRADES: Please do your final posting of Senior grades by Monday, May 30 at 8am. We need to have their transcripts ready by Friday. All other grades are due on Monday, June 6. Again, if you have students who are receiving Ds or Fs, please make sure to discuss their grades with me first before the final posting.

- CHECK-OUT: Teacher check-out packets are in your boxes. Student check-out sheets will be distributed by 1st period teachers on Friday. [First period teachers - student sheets will be in your boxes toward the end of the week.] I will be here on Saturday if you need a signature.  However, Mars is proctoring for the SATs that day, so please process other exit items with her on Friday (June 3) or even if possible on Monday (June 6).

- LAST DAY: Please note that the revised bell schedule for the last day of classes has very short class times and includes a session for houses to meet one last time before break. Flag Lowering Ceremony will begin at 10:45. Please be sure to dismiss you house meeting in time for the students to get to the circle.

- SENIOR EVENTS: Please be reminded that all HSD staff members are expected to be at Baccalaureate and Commencement. Baccalaurate begins at 6pm on Thursday, June 2. Staff call-time for Commencement is 1:30 pm on Friday, June 3. Please do not be late especially for Commencement call time as instructions (including walking partners) will be given out then. Professional dress is required for both events, which includes appropriate footwear ;-). Please see Wendy if you have any questions about attire.

Have a blessed final week!