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Post Retreat Post

posted Aug 30, 2015, 3:50 AM by HSD Principal
What a treat to have a post-retreat holiday for some much needed rest!

This week...

- PLCs: PLCs begin on Tuesday. Please refer to this document if you can't remember where to go. The PLC groups list is also posted in the staff lounge bulletin board.  Please note that full time staff are expected to be involved in a PLC. Part-time staff are greatly encouraged and are very welcome to join a PLC.

- ASERT: The first session is for PLCs.  Ms. Mars will ring the bell to help us with time. Second session is in two parts: clarification of Grading Policy and Sycamore training. Both parts will be in Tipunan. Please bring your laptops or devices to make the most of the Sycamore training. Subject Team reps (you would have been notified if you were one), please head to the Admin Conference room immediately after Grading Policy discussion.

- MID-QUARTER GRADES: Please make sure you have posted your grades on Sycamore by Friday at 8am. We will not be sending out progress reports as such but will be actively encouraging parents to check their children's grades on Sycamore.

- HOMEROOM: Class meetings continue this week during Homeroom period--one last dedicated time to plan for Spirit Week. Our Homeroom program officially begins on Sept. 10. More information will be coming your way soon.

- OIC: Each year, the Admin team goes away for a couple of days to do some planning for the months ahead and next school year.  The Admin Retreat is on Wednesday and Thursday this week. I will be out of the office on both days. In my absence, Wendy B. is OIC.  Thank you, Wendy.:-)

That's all folks!