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Retreat week

posted Aug 21, 2015, 1:34 AM by HSD Principal
Did you know that even with our new ASERT schedule we have just about as many contact hours per class this year as last? Ok...it's actually about 40 minutes less this year. But still.  Pretty good right? Especially when you consider that we gained 37 hours for professional development and staff meetings. 

This week is a short one because of HS Retreat

- BELL SCHEDULE: Thursday double block has been moved to Tuesday. Check out the revised bell schedule here.  

- ELIGIBILITY REPORTS: Eligibility reports begin over the weekend.  Please read the email I sent on Friday concerning this. Instructions for entering your report through Sycamore are found here.

- PRAYER LISTS: Micah has done a great job of assigning all the students to a teacher so that every student gets prayer cover throughout the year. Thank you for participating in this very important ministry to our students.

-HEALTH OFFICE: Except in cases of emergencies, students need to have a permission slip from teachers to visit the Health Services Office during the school day. Students have fallen off our radar in the past by visiting the nurses in between periods. We would like to avoid this. If you need Health Office passes, please ask Ms. Mars or Ms. Rose for some.

Thank you everyone!