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We should try to get the word out! :-)

posted Jan 14, 2016, 11:03 PM by HSD Principal   [ updated Jan 15, 2016, 12:26 AM ]

Just a few reminders for our 2nd full week back...

GOALS REVIEW: In the past, we have met for a mid-year review of your goals in January. This year, I would like to conduct the mid-year review electronically then meet face to face in May for the year-end review. To that end, please access your Goals Sheet (in your personal goals folder) and fill in the section called INTERIM REPORT AND REVIEW (mid-year)In addition to the Goals sheet, please make sure you have filled in the Summary of Student Feedback form also located in your Goals folder. I will be reviewing both of these documents for the mid-year review. Both are due this coming Friday. Thanks to those who have already filled these in. [It would be tremendous help to me if you email and let me know when you've completed the forms. Thanks.]

- SEW: Spiritual Enrichment Week is one week away. The SEW and adjusted bell schedule will be out next week. But just to help you in your planning.

        Monday and Tuesday - class times will be shorter by about 5-6 minutes.
        Wednesday and Thursday - class times remain roughly the same
        Friday - Ministry Day (StuCo will be sending out more details concerning your part in the day's              activities).

Our participation in all the chapels and activities is expected. Please be praying even now that the students will respond to the Lord's moving on their hearts and minds. Please also pray for the speakers that week. [Group prayer will be happening in front of Tipunan every morning this week, starting at 7am.]

GRADE CHANGES: If you made changes to your students' semester grades after the break, please be sure to inform Jon that you've done that.

- PLCs: Please sign up here. Confer with others in your group to decide on your meeting venue then indicate this on the form as well.

- ASERT:  The first session is for PLCs the second is for those involved in Curriculum Review (subject teams) and Truth Project. Second session for the rest of HSD: Jon and Micah will be meeting to gather input for the House System initiative (more on this from Jon).

Have a wonderful week!