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posted Sep 17, 2015, 9:11 PM by HSD Principal   [ updated Sep 18, 2015, 1:57 AM ]
A busy but fun-filled week for everyone. Take time to recuperate this weekend.  Coming up in HSD...

- PTCs: There are two weeks left in the first quarter. PTCs are scheduled for Friday, October 2 beginning at noon. This is a required activity for all teachers. Please come talk to me if you have exceptional circumstances that prevent you from being there. More information will be sent your way in the following weeks.

-Report Cards: There are just a few things (very few) we have to do differently in Sycamore because a report card is actually being generated for the end of the quarter. This is different than a Grade Posting. As we've already gone over this as a group, a Sycamore primer will be sent out next week just for review. Please watch out for it. Quarter 1 grades including deportment marks are due by Wednesday, September 30 @2:30pm.

- ASERT: This week we have a Divisional meeting and PLCs (in that order) on Tuesday afternoon.  See you in the Staff Lounge at 1:45pm.

-WALK THROUGHS: I'm doing my best to get to all your classrooms before the quarter ends. Please continue to ignore me as I pop in and out of your rooms. 

- HSD Important Dates: This document is now available to help keep our mammoth division on track. Click on the link (under Teacher's Kit on the sidebar) and print yourself a copy.

Have a great weekend and week!