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Fake News & Real Disagreements

posted Nov 19, 2017, 12:34 AM by HSD Principal
Educational Leadership published this article on how to help students distinguish real news from fake news. There are several pieces of advice you can give students and some skills you can teach them to help determine the truth of something they find online.

And for the fun part, there is a list of five online articles at the end you can share with students to have them put their new skills into practice.

Kids, Would You Please Start Fighting: The NY Times published this article on the importance of knowing how to disagree well. The premise is that productive argument is hidden from students and they can end up not knowing how to disagree with someone without getting mad.

While the focus of the article is on younger children, the concept would be helpful to our high school students as well. As we send them out, we should make sure they know how to interact with people with whom they do not agree. Here is a bit of the author's summary:

Instead of trying to prevent arguments, we should be modeling courteous conflict and teaching kids how to have healthy disagreements. We can start with four rules:

• Frame it as a debate, rather than a conflict.

• Argue as if you’re right but listen as if you’re wrong.

• Make the most respectful interpretation of the other person’s perspective.

• Acknowledge where you agree with your critics and what you’ve learned from them.