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Phone Use in Class & Being One Among Many

posted Oct 22, 2017, 6:01 PM by HSD Principal
Here's an Edutopia article about phone use in class. There are three ideas for managing use, but the common thread in them all is:

If you take the time in the first week of school to establish a management system and a social contract and to open up dialogue about student cell phone use, expectations are clear.

You have discretion in how and how often students use devices in your classroom, so just make sure students know what is expected and allowed.

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The chart below - linked from this article - is an approximation of a student's K-12 school experience, broken down into how much time he or she will spend with each teacher.

When a student reaches the end of that timeline, there is a set of skills and knowledge that we hope he has. My big takeaway from the article and the chart was the importance of

curriculum coherence or the challenge of ensuring that as students move from one classroom to another, they learn the right stuff from all those teachers. Several commentators have quipped that schools are really a bunch of independent contractors loosely connected by corridors and stairways. Indeed, the autonomy and “academic freedom” that many teachers have are what makes teaching an attractive profession for independent-minded folks. That’s good for creativity and experimentation in classrooms, but if teachers are allowed to decide what they teach as well as how they teach it, students are going to emerge from high school with Swiss cheese holes in their knowledge and skills, and they’ll pay the price later on.