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posted Apr 28, 2019, 4:46 AM by HSD Principal
..it's the time of year when we all feel like we could use some more.

Here is that article I mentioned at the staff meeting about the TED talk that was recently given about getting enough sleep. 

In my experience, students who aren't getting enough sleep tend not to listen to one voice, so maybe if they continue to hear it from us all, the message will start to sink in. Here's an article from Forbes whose title gives its bottom line: More Sleep Means Better Grades for Students. And from the BBC: Why Sleep Should be Every Student's Priority. And a bunch of data on Teens and Sleep from the National Sleep Foundation (yes, that's a thing).

For your own well-being, ASCD will be hosting a webinar titled The Burnout Cure: Learning to Love Teaching Again this Thursday (actually early Friday morning our time). Log into your Activate account, then select 'Webinars' from the side bar. Under 'Upcoming Webinars,' the one on burnout is the first option. Since the webinar will be hosted in the middle of our night, I suggest you do not watch it live, but you can return to the Activate site and watch it at a later time from the list of archived webinars.