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Sticky Faith

posted Feb 3, 2019, 2:14 AM by HSD Principal
I have been trying this year to encourage us all to reference big ideas - SLRs, school theme, ELL goals, etc. - more frequently and in a variety of ways. We know that the more ways in which students can relate current learning to already existing knowledge, the more likely it is to "stick" for a longer period of time.

SEW is over, but that doesn't mean Pastor Mike's message is done its work. As you have opportunity, remind students of his messages, connect them to your current learning in class, and bring his challenges back to students' minds. I trust that God's word is active in our students' hearts, some of them may just require a bit more processing time.

In fact, do that with any chapel message or homeroom lesson as you find opportunity. The more ways in which a message becomes meaningful to students, the better.