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Thinking about Late and Missing Work

posted Aug 11, 2019, 12:37 AM by HSD Principal
This week, Jennifer Gonzelez at Cult of Pedagogy looks at how teachers deal with late work. She begins by asking a few questions about grades that help inform the conversation. She says teachers need to ask themselves:
  • What do your grades represent?
  • Are you grading too many things?
  • What assumptions do you make when students don't turn in work on time?  
  • What grading system is realistic for your context?
The whole article is worth the read as she addresses several different ways of handling work that is not turned in on time. But she ends with a few ideas to consider in order to help mitigate the issue:
  • Include students in setting deadlines so that they can take extracurricular activities and non-school considerations into account.
  • Stop assigning homework and do all significant work in the classroom.
  • Make homework optional or self-selected so that students can be a part of determining how much practice they need on your topic.
She also highlights her ebook 20 Ways to Cut Your Grading Time in Half.