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Three Ways to Engage Students and Liberate Original Thinking

posted Apr 30, 2015, 8:01 PM by HSD Principal

(Originally titled “The Three No’s Students Want to Hear”)

In this Education Update article, New York City writing coach Rose Reissman suggests some specific messages teachers can send to get their students engaged:

There is NO single correct answer to this question. Accepting the first student response that’s correct shuts down discussion, says Reissman. Teachers should solicit at least four different answers that offer different approaches.

There is NO template or desired format for this project. Teachers can spark students’ creativity by saying there are multiple approaches to meeting goals and objectives.

NO spoken answer is required. Students should feel free to think about an answer in their head, write about it, or share it online or with an elbow partner rather than feeling compelled to join the verbal scrum of all-class discussions. “Not every student is a natural vocal speaker,” says Reissman, “and many fear being called on.”

“The Three No’s Students Want to Hear” by Rose Reissman in Education Update, April 2016 (Vol. 57, #4, p. 7), http://bit.ly/1GpyuOr

Excerpt taken from Marshall Memo 587, April 27, 2015