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Training Students Away From Plagiarism

posted Feb 18, 2018, 5:44 AM by HSD Principal
Michelle Navarre Cleary wrote an awesomely helpful article in the Phi Delta Kappan: Top 10 reasons students plagiarize & what teachers can do about it. It's lengthy, but worth the read. To entice you to read on, here are the ten reasons she addresses:
  1. They are lazy
  2. They panic
  3. They lack confidence
  4. They think they are supposed to reproduce what the experts have said
  5. They have difficulty integrating source material into their own exposition or argument
  6. They do not understand why people make such a fuss about sources
  7. They are sloppy
  8. They do not understand that they need to cite facts, figures, and ideas, not just quotations
  9. They are learning
  10. They are used to a collaborative model of knowledge production
Each of the above reasons gets helpful advice on what we as teachers can do to help students correct for those reasons. And in case students don't fully grasp what plagiarism is...

The poster below, created by Curtis Newbold of Westminster College, can be used to help students understand all the practices that are encompassed by the term plagiarism. I like how comprehensive the initial set of questions is.